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If you want to get straight teeth for a better smile and dental health, braces are a specialized orthodontic procedure. Wearing a brace can prevent detrimental long-term impacts on your oral health especially if you have jammed or crooked teeth. It will also lower the risk of dental decay and gum disease. By applying pressure to your teeth, braces gradually move them into the ideal position and alignment. Though this is not a quick fix and takes time, it will have long-lasting effects. We at Prime Cure Medical Center have skilled orthodontists in Abu Dhabi who can help you in giving that confident smile all the time.

Benefits of Braces

• To align the misshaped teeth
• Prevent any dental plaques or gum disease
• Giving you even looking teeth

Customized Treatment Plans by Our Expert Orthodontists

A professional orthodontist will examine your teeth during your free consultation. They will advise you on the best course of action for your situation. The ideal age for braces is childhood, although adults too, nowadays, seek treatment for their crooked teeth. Invisalign, metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and damon braces are just a few of the many varieties that can be used. They’re all created with comfort in mind. However, some, like Invisalign or ceramic, are favored because of their subtle appearance. All of the various alternatives can be explained by your specialized orthodontist.

For many UAE patients, crooked and uneven teeth can be an aesthetic issue. An orthodontist is the best professional to handle your problems and help you achieve your best smile and functional occlusion. Prime Cure offers high-quality brace therapy by skilled specialists and orthodontists in Abu Dhabi at an affordable price. Thanks to advanced, high-quality braces and titanium arch wires, your brace therapy will be more enjoyable today with effective dental braces in Abu Dhabi. There are various types of orthodontic fixed equipment available nowadays. Fixed orthodontic appliances are precise devices that are attached or cemented to a patient’s teeth and can cause controlled tooth movement. Teeth can be shifted in virtually any direction, and it needs a highly qualified and experienced specialised orthodontist to position them appropriately and without needless complications. Invest your time and money in the right orthodontist at Prime Cure to achieve the best treatment results.

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Specialties of Prime Cure for Dental Braces in Abu Dhabi

Prime Cure Dental has the best orthodontists in Abu Dhabi and they can provide the most suitable treatment for your teeth and gums for clinical and aesthetic reasons. We have a number of treatments that will literally bring the most confident smile on your face. Our dentists will be able to deliver the most updated treatments using cutting edge technologies and sophisticated equipment at our clinic, and clear all your dental problems. We specialize not only in the accurate and timely treatments, but emotional support as well, because we understand your nervousness as well.

Importance of Dental Braces for Your Beautiful Smile

If you are not really confident about your smile, and really have the tendency to cover your mouth with your hands when you laugh, don’t be like that anymore, our orthodontists in Abu Dhabi can help bring back that confidence, and that beautiful smile. If you have teeth that aren’t aligned properly, then you can visit our orthodontists to place traditional metal braces or invisible braces, whichever you prefer. The dental braces in Abu Dhabi will be customized to fit your teeth and jaw, and they will help in aligning the teeth, and make it beautiful. And not just the beauty aspect, braces can actually prevent a number of orthodontic conditions that might reveal themselves if not corrected as soon as possible. So when you are getting ready for the braces, remember they are not only going to make you beautiful, but can help prevent many health conditions in the future as well.  Our orthodontists work with passion and excellence to bring out the best in you, while restoring optimal oral function.

How Orthodontic treatment benefits you

Getting an orthodontic treatment on time from our orthodontists in Abu Dhabi  has a number of benefits, apart from the aesthetics. The dental braces in Abu Dhabi can easily correct misaligned or crooked teeth. Our braces can also correct overbites, cross bites, open bites and underbites. Wearing the braces is perfect not only for aesthetic beauty, it is great for having straightened teeth and ideal for oral hygiene as well. And for speech too. If you have trouble speaking because your teeth literally gets in the way, it is time you go for a customized treatment at our clinic and get that corrected

You can enjoy a number of benefits by visiting our clinic.

Treatment Options for Adults and Children

We provide orthodontic treatment for both adults and children. We treat children who are over the age of 8, because that’s the right age to start treatments. With our newest dental braces in Abu Dhabi, we can align your child’s teeth, and bring it to position because then it will be easier to prevent dental decay and gum disease.  It is also easier to apply the pressure and then gradually move the teeth to the perfect position.

Once you visit our clinic, we will do an analysis of your oral health condition, and then suggest the treatments that would correct any persistent conditions. Many people come to us with poor oral health, and we advise them on the importance of doing orthodontic treatments like correcting the misaligned or crooked teeth. Such teeth will always have bacteria lodged between them because it is not possible to clean the teeth properly when you have misaligned teeth. Not treating this condition with the help of dental braces in Abu Dhabi would lead to tooth decay, tooth loss and gum diseases. Visit us today to have a look at the various treatment options on offer.



How long do braces take to heal?

The discomfort that you will normally feel after placing the braces will heal within 4-7 days. According to the Orthodontists In Abu Dhabi, you might also feel some pain in your cheeks, but that’s perfectly fine.

What's the best age to visit the orthodontist?

It would be good for children as young as 7 years of age to have an orthodontic visit, as it would help catch any issues that are likely to pop up in the early years. However, you can start the treatment at any age.

How can I take care of my teeth if I'm wearing braces or a retainer?

The Orthodontists In Abu Dhabi suggests that it is very important to brush your teeth after every meal and floss at least once a day when you wear braces. Using a toothpaste containing fluoride would be the ideal choice.

What is an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dental specialists who can quickly identify any problems concerning the teeth, so they will be able to diagnose and treat problems concerning the positioning, alignment and spacing of teeth.

If I get braces, how long do I have to wear them?

The placement of dental braces In Abu Dhabi depends on a lot of factors – type of treatment, the severity of condition and your age. You can expect around 16-24 months of wearing braces.

Do braces hurt?

This is a very common question most customers ask us. No, braces do not cause any pain or discomfort, especially when they are done by expert professionals at Prime Cure.

Do I need to brush my teeth more often if I have braces?

You must brush your teeth regularly twice a day and floss once a day when you have braces.  Make sure there are no food particles lodged in between the teeth. You must also visit orthodontist who places the dental braces In Abu Dhabi to review.

Do I still need to see my general dentist when I have braces or Invisalign?

Yes, of course. You will have to visit the dentist once every 6 months even when you have braces or Invisalign.

What do you do about a mouthguard with braces?

The mouthguard may become loose or uncomfortable as the teeth due to the braces. Follow the instructions on the mouthguard or ask your dentist to help mould into your teeth’s current position.

What are some possible benefits of orthodontics?

With the right orthodontic treatment, you can have a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and a confident look that will help you achieve great accomplishments in life. Because when you look confident, you feel good, and this would help you achieve a lot.

What are some signs that braces may be needed?

You need to wear braces when you have visibly cooked or crowded teeth, have an overbite or an underbite, teeth that do not close properly when your mouth is at rest,  difficulty in flossing and brushing, especially when the tooth is crooked.

At what age should orthodontic treatment occur?

The treatment can begin when you are as young as 7 years.

How does orthodontic treatment work?

When you are not confident about your teeth or its alignment and placement, you can fix an appointment with the orthodontist who will diagnose and treat whatever the problem is. The orthodontist will correct the alignment, positioning and spacing of teeth.

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