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Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Keep your original teeth by having a root canal, which can help you preserve the tooth’s structure without having to extract it. Our general dentists or endodontists are both capable of doing this procedure. We give you the most efficient root canal treatment available in Abu Dhabi thanks to our skilled team and cutting-edge dental care technologies. The soft middle of the tooth, known as the pulp, is removed during a dental procedure known as endodontic or root canal therapy. You will need a root canal when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. If you are planning to get a root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi, then we at Prime Cure Medical Center are ready to assist you.

root canal treatment in abu dhabi
What is a root canal?

There are two major parts to your teeth. The highest visible portion of the tooth is called the crown. Second is the root of the tooth that extends to the jawbone and anchors the tooth in place. The dental pulp is located in the root canal system. This is the pulp, which is made up of both nerves and blood vessels, at the center of the tooth. The pulp links to the tissues that surround the root as it travels from the tooth’s crown to the tip of the root. The pulp plays a crucial role in a tooth’s growth.

Procedures of root canal treatment

Depending on the kind and severity of the infection, endodontic therapy is performed across several visits. An x-ray will be taken before the endodontist examines your teeth that require a root canal. After that, local anesthesia is given. A tiny protective sheet known as a “dental dam” is used to isolate the infected tooth and keep saliva away from it during the initial stages of the process.

After that, an incision is made in the tooth’s crown to clean the pulp chambers and root canals. The endodontist fills the root canal with a biocompatible substance after removing the pulp. This rubber-like substance has an adhesive cement to guarantee that the root canals are completely sealed. The opening could be temporarily sealed off with a filler. Later on, this temporary filling will be removed before placing a permanent crown.

Your dentist will suggest getting a crown for the tooth during the final appointment. The damaged tooth is covered with a crown that looks natural. Your tooth’s entire functionality and protection are provided by the crown. If the tooth is not sturdy enough to support the repair, your dentist may insert a wire inside the tooth to hold it in place.

Benefits of root canal treatment

There are many benefits of root canal treatment such as:

  • Alleviating tooth pain
  • Remove any inflammation in the gums/teeth
  • Save the tooth from extraction
  • Prevent the spreading of infection

Strong and healthy teeth help you to grin freely, consume nutritious meals with ease, chew more efficiently, and enjoy other benefits. What if you have a massive cavity in one of your teeth, can’t eat regularly, and spend nights in pain? Root canal therapy prevents tooth extraction by removing infected, damaged, or dead pulp. At prime cure, you get the most effective root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi, and no longer worry about your cavity or the pain it brings.

A dental operation entails taking out the nerve, cleaning the inside of the tooth, and filling it in order to take out a large cavity and firmly repair a tooth. You may be able to prevent having your tooth extracted using this dental procedure. Anyone of any age can use it because it is completely painless and risk-free. As a result, doctors frequently recommend it as a procedure and at Prime cure, we enure the best root canal treatmnets in Abu Dhabi, which will solely be done according to the want of your teeth. Even though root canal is rumoured to be uncomfortable, our professionals at prime care has proven it as the best and easiest treatment a patient undergoes. You won’t experience any pain, so you’ll be at ease throughout the procedure. With a local anaesthesia, we ensure that you do not feel a thing and only result with the beautiful smile.

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What is a root canal?

Root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi is done to provide relief to patients suffering from badly decayed or fractured teeth. This will not only help remove the infected tooth, but it will also protect the other tooth from getting infected

How painful is root canal treatment?

Root canal is not a painful procedure and it is a misconception that root canal is painful. But thanks to technological advancements, root canal is no longer painful and is just like getting a dental filling.

How long does the procedure take?

The root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi can be done within a single visit, and do not usually take more than 90 minutes at the most.

Is it cheaper to have the tooth removed?

If you don’t want to go for root canal treatment, you can opt for tooth extraction, but then you will still need to spend time and money on replacing the extracted tooth with an implant.

Will my insurance cover the procedure?

Yes, most dental insurance will cover root canal treatment. Check with your service provider in case you have any doubts.

What you cannot do after a root canal?

Your mouth will be numb after the root canal procedure. So it would be advisable to avoid chewing and biting on the tooth until a crown has been placed on it. Avoid chewing hard and chewy foods while in recovery.

How many days should you rest after a root canal?

It is normal to feel some soreness and irritation after the root canal procedure. This will usually wear off after 24-48 hours. So you can resume normal activities once the local anaesthetic wears off.

What should you avoid during root canal treatment?

Listen to your doctor when your root canal has been scheduled. You have to take all medications as prescribed and once the procedure is completed, you will have to be careful with your diet. Avoid snacking, avoid eating hard foods and sticky foods, very hot foods, nuts and candies. Wait until you have recovered.

Is a root canal better than tooth extraction?

Root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi is always better than tooth extraction if the dentist recommends that. But if the tooth is too damaged, then there is no better option than tooth extraction.

What should I expect after a root canal treatment?

For certain patients, there will be sensitivity, swelling or inflammation while some people might feel an uneven bite. But this will all settle down after a few days. If you have any allergy to the medication, do inform as soon as possible.

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