Keep It Bright: A Guide to Post-Teeth Whitening Care

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Most of us would love to have a white glossy teeth. It is indeed seen as element of beauty.

Setting aside the contentions on factors defining beauty, it is clear without doubts that a bright smile offers better appealing face.

Your teeth might be yellowish or brownish colour depending upon your diet and genetics.

Can we make it whiter by abstaining certain food or habits? Will it turn white on regular brushing?

Premium clinics conducting teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi will disagree with such a thought.

Your teeth won’t turn white on its own for the surface layer has already taken the brunt of your food habits.

As you have noticed, teeth whitening is possible by removing this extra layer which will resurface in 48 hours.

Still unsure? Try googling ‘teeth whitening clinic near me

The list of top teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi with advanced technology will appear.

Before booking your appointment of a dentist, it would be best if you read this blog further to know about the aftercare to retain your whitened teeth.

Teeth whitening aftercare:

What not to eat?

 Be sure to avoid food which are likely to cause stain. A list of food not to have after your teeth whitening includes chocolate, fruit juice and biscuits.

You can have juices using straw.

It is also advised to avoid acidic food items like pickles and citrus fruits. After teeth whitening your teeth are porous and highly likely to get damaged. So say no to acidic food.

All these abstentions are a must for the next 24 hours. Most clinics of your search list of ‘teeth whitening clinic near me’ will recommend an abstention of these food for 24 to 48 hours. Only a qualified team of dentist doing teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi like the Prime Cure Medical Center will suggest to stay away from them for like a week.

What to eat?

It is recommended to eat foods like milk, egg, pasta, rice and skinless chicken breast.

Say no to smoking

Smoking stains your teeth. Avoid smoking for lasting effects.

Although it is recommended to follow the above measures from 24 hours to a week, it is always better to keep a healthy diet for whitened teeth.

You must also find time to take appointments for periodic consultation from the best team of dentist conducting teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi.

Now you can go and choose your dentist to proceed with your teeth whitening procedure.

Always keep in mind that not all the clinics listed on typing ‘teeth whitening clinic near me‘ offers the best customer centric service at an affordable price.

So, other than browsing, you can verify the credibility of your dentist by asking a few friends who have done teeth whitening, since a word of mouth weighs more than anything. If you still find it hard to find a genuine dentist, try looking for customer ratings online. Prime Cure is one of the premium dental clinic conducting teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi, with greater customer satisfaction. With advanced technologies we strive to be on the top of customer satisfaction than being top listed on your search of ‘teeth whitening clinic near me.