Keep It Bright: Safe Dental Practices: A hygienic Dental Clinic

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Your smile is perhaps one of the first things that people remember about you, especially when it is the first time that you are meeting them. A bright and happy smile draws people, while a smile showing poor and yellowed teeth can really put them off. Having white and bright teeth is an indication that your teeth and gums are healthy. When you visit the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, your dentist would guide you over to embrace the right tips for your oral health. 

While it is imperative that you visit the best dentist in Abu Dhabi every 6 months for an oral check up, there are a few things that you ought to be aware of. We have explained these aspects in detail. Do follow these tips and reduce the incidence of poor dental hygiene and diseases that could cause them:

Brush and Floss twice a day

Every dentist insists that you brush and floss twice a day. If you have the habit of brushing your teeth before breakfast, then make sure you clean your teeth well post breakfast. While brushing in the morning, spend 2-3 minutes brushing patiently, covering all parts of the teeth.

Don’t be stingy on the toothbrush

If you don’t mind spending a little, then the soft-bristled, electronic toothbrushes are the best for your teeth. They gently clean your teeth without the bother of hard scrubbing or damage. If you are using the regular toothbrush, remember to replace it every 3 months. 

The tongue can be the harbinger of bacteria

While teething your clean and gums regularly, don’t ignore the tongue. Remember to use a tongue scraper to get rid of the bacteria on the surface of the tongue. Incorporate this in your oral hygiene routine, and you will really feel good, be able to speak clearly and have cleaner breath.

Put a curb on sugary foods

Did you know that the sugar contributes to the plaque in your teeth? The sugar in your foods and beverages can contribute greatly to tooth decay. If you have a sweet tooth, control it, and switch to healthy salads!

Quit smoking

Smoking is also quite bad for your teeth as it can lead to lung cancer or oral cancer. Habitual smokers often endure weak teeth and infected gums.

Hydrate well

Water encourages saliva production, which in turns aids in moistening and lubricating your teeth and gums, neutralizing harmful acids. This not only protects your teeth and gums from decay, but prevent bad breath as it kills germs, strengthens enamel and facilitates wound healing.

Don’t skip the daily vitamins

When you eat well, it will reflect not only on your health and skin, but on your teeth as well. Make sure to get the daily dose of calcium and vitamin D through dairy products, nuts and sunlight. Check for any deficiency that you might have to supplement with. When you have enough vitamins and minerals in your body, you can enjoy strong teeth and bones. Get in touch with prime Cure, the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi for a personalized and customised treatments and all encompassing dental care.